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Leyla Poltak- Leyla is our Operations Manager. Fueled by passion and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Leyla has a knack for talent management, performance optimization, and exceeding customer expectations. With over 2 decades of hands-on experience to the table in the luxury sector and a rich background in diverse team management roles Leyla is all about making things happen: igniting success together and ensure that every customer experience is nothing short of extraordinary!

Aisela Xhemalaj - Aisela is our E-commerce & Digital Marketing Coordinator. A SEO wiz, she manages the ecommerce platform as well as email marketing campaigns, consistently driving digital sales.  When she is not analyzing and interpreting data, she pens about fashion trends, meticulously tracking the hottest buys. Apart from her years with MissX, Aisela has also held fashion positions at Hello Fashion Magazine and numerous Freelance contributions. She has won top honours and merchandising awards year after year, always striving to better herself.

Angela Amantti - Angela is a strong associate buyer, professional and eager to grow.  She is an incredibly organized individual with a strong ability to analyze, identify, and solve any problem thrown her way. She has a great eye and can identify trends and directions of our customers. When she's not thinking about fashion, she enjoys travel and uncovering the best new travel destinations. 


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